Let me dreaming, don’t you mind
Let me see what we can find
Someplace we'll derive

In a snowy bright of light
Or a caught of summer night
Just going in this dive

Let me dreaming, don’t ask why
Questions are an enemy
For something so alive

A strange kind of gravity
Never-ending memory
Presence, tranquilize

So take me in your case
I’ll keep you in my taste
In a wind called levitate

6 comentários:

SF disse...

Tão bonito...

Anónimo disse...

I'll take you in my case,
Keep you in my taste.

And we could only levitate together ;)

Coffee for two?

Afrika disse...

Hummm hope you don't mind me asking you, but where did you get this from? :D

Dry-Martini disse...


Achaste? Que bom! Não achei grande coisa :)


Dry-Martini disse...

Doce Veneno,

Mas isso faria de si uma sequestradora mesmo oferecendo o café .P


Dry-Martini disse...


Foi um sabonete britânico que me sussurrou ao ouvido .)


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