Nothing's impossible

[ Even the stars look brighter tonight

Nothing's impossible

I still believe
in love at first sight

Nothing's impossible]

Depeche Mode, Nothing's impossible

5 comentários:

SF disse...

Já me aconteceu... :)

(in)confessada disse...

ou até mesmo antes..

Dry-Martini disse...

Nothing's impossible...

Poupinhas disse...

I agree with you.. still belive in love at first sight.. but can we take a look once again? Just to make sure that we really felt in love.
Second chances are possible too :)
So keep looking, don´t you want to miss her* eyes wide open

T disse...

Uma (das muitas) fantástica música e letra e interpretação, dos igualmente fantásticos DM.
E o que fica é mesmo... nothing's impossible (although we forget it regularly).

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