Sometimes blood sings

Sometimes blood sings.
When blood sings you ear strange voices inside your body. Whispering you softly images and words like Champaign bobbles. Blowing warm emotions around your skin.
When blood sings you dance embedded in his rhythm.
When blood sings your have no doubts that you are not alone. Someone or something is trying to tell you a secret. It’s pure magic when blood sings and it happens always when you are not expecting. Sometimes blood really sings.

2 comentários:

Andrómeda disse...

Why is your blood singing, Wizard? Tell me, I like to know when blood sings for someone :) I like to drown in someone else's singing blood and become contaminated. It's like laughter. It's contaging.

Dry-Martini disse...

I'm not certain but I think this song was the same kind of song that was despoleted in you by a strange caracter named "Plim". Do you know him? .)

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